The game has been developed to be implementing the P2E system where the players can actually earn $MOC by playing the game inside our Metaverse. The more the player gets experienced the more potential to earn rewards/$MOC. So, if you are a hardcore gamer or are looking to become one and start converting your skills to $MOC, this is your chance!

It’s an open world ever expanding map/level, with multiple in-game “Treasure finding”. Participating in Treasure finding, will require contribution of ‘Mines Of Crypto Gems’ token from players, and as they duel inside with other participants, they earn ‘Mines Of Crypto Gems’ token by fragging/defeating other players and Buying/Selling,and they also win weapons and upgrades in the form of NFT’s which they can trade or sale in the Players Chillout zones or NFT markets place. There will be ample of Gaming store to test any type of player skill.

There will be many “Player’s Chillout Zones” present throughout the metaverse, where players can buy/sale or exchange NFT’s with other players, or just chill out, chat and make friends socialize with the metaverse player community.

Just pay to participate win reward, or if you lose, there is always many other opportunities to participate. As new maps/levels get added to the game metaverse, the possibilities are endless.