Mines Of Crypto Gems game ecosystem will recognize our official Mines Of Crypto Gems tokens and this is the tokens which the players and the community members need to enter our Gaming Metaverse and participate in Treasure finding. The players need to use Mines Of Crypto Gems tokens to buy and sell in-game accessories NFTs which are all useable collectibles inside the “Mines Of Crypto Gems” gaming store Metaverse.


The players will be given access to the Metaverse using the "Mines Of Crypto Gems" tokens. The more you hold, the more sophisticated games you can play. This is the ultimate use-case and rewarding to holders.

"Mines Of Crypto Gems" game holders are the ones who will actually be playing our under-development games before anyone else does which means they will be given access to the Alpha versions of the game and will be given the power to vote on what they want to include in the game and ultimately in the Metaverse.

"Mines Of Crypto Gems" game token will be integrated inside game we develop and the users will be able to buy equipment, Characters and other In-Game accessories using the tokens. The accessories will be in the form of NFTs, the buyers are going to see them in action inside the game.

"Mines Of Crypto Gems" game tokens will be used for swapping our limited edition NFTs and the price floor of these NFTs will be rising rapidly as we develop, benefitting the holders most.